Grandstand and bleacher crowd, interscholastic

Grandstand filled with crowd, 1914.


On December 31, 1903, at the Montana Teachers Convention in Anaconda, University President Oscar J. Craig proposed the idea of yearly all-state high school athletic, declamation and debate competition. The idea drew rave reviews. Craig returned to Missoula and appointed geology professor Dr. JP Rowe and university football and basketball coach Hiram Conibear organizers of the event.

Interscholastic Meet Tickets

Interscholastic Meet ticket for on campus meals, 1906.


Interscholastic Meet Tickets

Interscholastic Meet ticket for concert, 1906.


50 yard dash, interscholastic track meet

Start of the 50-yard dash, 1914.


First Annual Interscholastic Meet, program cover

First Annual meet program cover, 1904.


Interscholastic High School Meet Season Ticket

Interscholastic Meet season ticket, 1905.


Sixth Annual Interscholastic Meet Program, cover and page 1, 4, 5 and 34

Meet Program scorecard, 1909.