Souvenir Program Interscholastic Meet, Montana Field, page 4, 5, 20 and 21.

Meet declamatory contest, 1907.


In 1908, an essay contest was added to the meet. This was the first of several events that would require students to submit academic work for judging prior to the start of the meet. Over time, events were added and dropped. The two-mile run was eliminated in 1907, the hammer throw was replaced by the javelin toss in 1916 and in the 1930s golf and tennis were added.

Interscholastic Track and Field Champions with Cup

Interscholastic track and field champions with cup, 1928.


Eleventh Annual Interscholastic Meet Program, cover, pages 5 and 7.

List of meet official, 1914.


Portrait of Interscholastic Champion John Regan

Interscholastic golf champion John Regan, 1928.


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Kaimin, November 22, 1938.


University of Montana Announcement of the 40th Annual Inter-Scholastic Meet, page 2 and page 14

Description of meet prizes in athletics, 1946.