Forty-Second Annual Interscholastic Meet Program, page 21

Dona Skates of Billings, Montana, girls tennis champion, 1947.


In 1935, women were allowed to participate in the athletic portion of the meet for the first time. By the 1940s, the meet had grown to include hundreds of participants from across the state and schools were divided by size into class A and class B. High school newspapers competed by submitting special editions for prizes in writing. In the 1950s, high school theater productions were staged for competitors to watch and students submitted arts and crafts projects for judging. In 1954 schools were again divided by size into class AA, class A and class B.

Fortieth Annual Interscholastic Meet Program, cover and page 1.

Meet Program introduction, 1946.


Ninety High School Teams Set for Interscholastic, page 3

Kaimin, May 15, 1952.


Butte discus thrower at meet

Interscholastic Meet discus thrower from Butte, Montana, 1965.