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  • Collection: Northern Montana Forestry Association Records, Mss 034

Text from poster of painting.


Let Us Keep them Green, page 6.jpg
Pamphlet on forest fire prevention.

let us keep  them green, page 5.jpg
Pamphlet on forest fire prevention.

Copy of Fire Poster 1.jpg
Poster created by Archives Technician, Photo and Computer Graphic Specialist Mark Fritch, from page 7 of the Alarm of Danger pamphlet and Putting Out The Campfire, painting.

alarm of danger, cover.jpg
Pamphlet on the dangers of wildfire.

putting out the camp fire.jpg
Copy of painting, original oil on canvas is in a private collection.

stop look listen, cover.jpg
Pamphlet on wildfire prevention.

Let us keep them green,  cover.jpg
Pamphlet on forest fire prevention.

ET allen, friends of the forest.jpg
Short story for children on wildfire.

ET Allen, ambitious tree.jpg
Short story for children on trees.

The National Board of Fire Underwriters, Protecting our Forest Reserves, 3.jpg
Sketch from Safeguarding Americans Against Fire, Vol. IV, No. 4
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