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Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield and Minority Leader Everett Dirksen looking at a document together.

Mansfield and Dirksen SHO.jpg
Majority Leader Mike Mansfield with Minority Leader Everett M. Dirksen sitting together and reading a document.

Pen used by President Lyndon Johnson to sign H.R. 7152, Civil Rights Act of 1964, into law. Letter accompanying the pen gifting it to Mansfield.

Cover of Senator Mansfield: The Extraordinary Life of a Great American Statesman and Diplomat, 2003

Senator Mansfield with President Kennedy, possibly in Oval Office. The two men sit side-by-side at a desk. A model ship is on the credenza behind the men and in front of a window. Flags are on either side of the men.

Confidential Memo from Senator Mike Mansfield to President Lyndon Johnson opposing Johnson's escalation of the Vietnam War.

Notes of Senator Mansfield’s meeting with Senator Richard Russell, the leader of the Republican opposition to the Civil Rights Bill.

Senator Mansfield’s vote count on which senators would vote for cloture to end the filibuster on the civil rights bill.

INDOCHINA: Report of Senator Mike Mansfield on a Study Mission of the Associated States of Indochina - Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos

Senator Milton Young’s signed response to Senator Mike Mansfield’s letter about the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

Senator Hubert Humphrey’s signed response to Senator Mike Mansfield’s letter about the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

Copy of letter written by Mike Mansfield to Everett Dirksen after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This letter was sent to all 99 US senators, regardless of how they voted.

Senator George Aiken’s response to Mansfield’s letter about the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Mansfield ate breakfast with his Republican colleague every morning before heading to work in the Senate.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen’s signed response to Senator Mike Mansfield’s letter about the passage of the Civil Rights Act

Senator Mansfield Deflating the Southern Civil Rights Filibuster. Text: “I knew I’d eventually run out of hot air.”

Mike Mansfield poses for photo holding a book and his pipe

Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield and Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen phone President Lyndon Johnson to tell him the Senate is ready to adjourn the session that passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Senator Mike Mansfield with Senator Everett Dirksen and
Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey after cloture was invoked to break a filibuster and allow a vote on the civil rights bill

Senator Mike Mansfield with 36th President of the United States Lyndon Johnson. Though members of the same political party, Mansfield disapproved of President Johnson’s escalation of the Vietnam War.

Senator Mike Mansfield and the 37th President of the United States Richard Nixon

Senator Mike Mansfield with the 38th President of the United States Gerald Ford, 1976.

Moving illustration.jpg
Illustrations of Crow women at camp from Pretty Shield's biography, "Red Mother."

Shitchísh and Basáakoosh standing for a photo.

Shitchísh by a tree at Crow Agency, Montana, wrapped in a blanket.

Kukúwish / Squash was Shitchísh's interpreter when Linderman interviewed her for her biography.

Shitchísh scraping a buffalo hide at camp.

Postcard titled “How Custer Fell. Apsáalooke scouts (left to right) White Man Runs Him, Hairy Moccasin, Curly, and Basáakoosh / Goes Ahead stand near the place of Custer’s death.

Anthropologist Aaron Brien, the great-great-grandson of Shitchísh and Basáakoosh, holding up Shitchísh’s father’s war shield, which is held by the Chicago Field Museum.

Cover of "American: The Life Story of Great Indian: Plenty-coups, Chief of the Crows," 1930.

Illustration of sunshield from "American: the Life Story of a Great Indian, Plenty-Coups, Chief of the Crows."

Alaxchíiahush's thumbprint in "American: The Life Story of a Great Indian: Plenty-coups, Chief of the Crows," which signified that he approved the book.

Frank Linderman's notes on the tobacco planting ceremony as told to him by Alaxchíiahush.

Alaxchíiahush on his war horse and wearing his war shirt decorated with ermines.

Alaxchíiahush with his hair unbraided.

Alaxchíiahush holding an original copy of "American: The Life Story of a Great Indian: Plenty-coups, Chief of the Crows"

A boy with a baby in a carriage, dog and railroad tracks nearby.

Two children and a cow by railroad tracks, the smaller child is wearing a straw hat.

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Two children, Agnes and Theo, sit on a heifer in front of the door to what is probably a barn. A man stands in front of the cow. Glacier National Park, Montana.

Helen and Joe Swan (children) at 1533 Jackson, Missoula.

Girl w child in pram, Mss 656.jpg
Girl with baby in sleigh-like baby carriage.

Children in box, Mss 656.jpg
Two children sitting in a Shredded Wheats box on a lake shore.

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91-6284, children to catch frogs.jpg
Three children hired to catch frogs at Yellow Bay on Flathead Lake in Montana, the two boys barefoot and wearing bib overalls.

90.148, picking sunflowers.jpg
Frances and Hazel Asbridge picking sunflowers at Lazy X near Roundup, Montana.

90.143, dorothy & edna, Lazy X, c1912.jpg
Dorothy and Cousin Edna Asbridge on top of pile of stacked wood at Lazy X near Roundup, Montana.

90.139,Vern,Hazel,Joseph at LazyX,c1900.jpg
Vern, Hazel and Joseph Asbridge at the Willows at Lazy X Ranch near Roundup, Montana.

90.134,Frances&Hazel teeter tot Lazy X,c1910.jpg
Frances and Hazel Asbridge each holding kittens and playing on teeter-totter at Lazy X Ranch near Roundup, Montana.

Studio photograph of two unidentified small children dressed up for Easter.

Studio photograph of unidentified boy with ruffled bow at neck, resting arm on chair back.


Rosalind Lord, dressed in a fur trimmed coat, Bitterroot Valley, Montana.

Rosalind Lord, age eight, standing in front of a mirror, her hair is well below her waist. Bitterroot Valley, Montana.

Studio photo of Jim Denny, "Maggie" William, and Florana on the Rocky Boy Reservation, Montana.

Studio portrait of Andrew Hammond and family.

Studio photograph of girl in confirmation dress and veil.

Studio photograph of Lucy Litcomb wearing winter coat and stocking hat.

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Studio photograph of two boys, smaller boy with ruffled cuffs and collar.

498.07, Ingalls, family.jpg
Studio photograph of Mrs. Annie Snedmeyer with her four children, Annie Mary, Harry P., Mary Emma Louise, and Emma Louise.

Studio photograph of unknown family.

84.271, child.jpg
Studio photo of unknown child posed on ornate whicker lounge chair.

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Group photo of children and nun on the steps of Sacred Heart Academy, Missoula, Montana.

Lone Rock School District 113 (Ravalli County, Montana) Expenses.

Lone Rock School District 113 (Ravalli County, Montana) Census.

commencement 1944,Mss185,172.9.jpg
Flathead County Commencement program for Rural Schools.

486.55.153, BigFork School field trip.jpg
Children's class examining results of field trip in tent, Big Fork, Montana.

486.115.54, BigFork School field trip.jpg
Children's class on outdoor field trip, Big Fork, Montana.

76.35,Liberty Valley School, 1916.jpg
Liberty Valley School, Montana.


75.6104,Lyola High School baseball team, 1913.jpg
Loyola High School baseball team, Missoula, Montana.

Ruth Line's letter home to her family in Columbus, Montana when she is attending college at the University of Montana in Missoula.


Ruth Line's letter to her brother Robert Line who is teaching at Mount Holyoke College.


Ruth's Line's letter to her mother when her mother is away for a summer trip.


Ruth Line's letter to her brother Robert Line who is attending Harvard.


Ruth Line's letter to her brother Robert Line who is attending Harvard.


RuthLine,Mss643,33-1,08 illus.jpg
Ruth Line's letter to her brother Robert Line who is attending the University of Montana in Missoula. Written on stationery with Asian motif.


Ruth Line, Mss 643,33-1,07.jpg
Ruth Line's letter to her brother Robert Line who is attending the University of Montana in Missoula.


Yakima Indians, Columbia National Forest. Woman stands with two children. Several baskets are in the picture. One child holds a cat.

Wolfe, 393.28.jpg
Family posed on hand-powered railway cart.

Outing at mine entrance, Elkhorn, Montana. Men, women and children posed around entrance. Ore cart in foreground.


Fergus Family group photo, all standing.

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Family group of men, women, and children seated in the forest, Native American woman standing behind group.

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94.3445,Rev.Stanley's camping group1895.jpg
Reverend Stanley's camping group at Medicine Hot Springs, Montana.

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Child Bureau, Cover, 1932,Mss224,B3.jpg
Sixteenth Biennial Report of the Bureau of Child Protection of the State of Montana, includes Will Rodgers illustration.

White Bear Claws with his horse on the Rocky Boy Reservation.

Three children sit near the porch of a building. One child sits on a wooden box, another child sits in a rocking chair and holds an infant. A horse and wagon are in the background.

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A boy sits on a horse and a woman stands at a gate on Williams Ranch at the end of Rattlesnake Road, Missoula, Montana.

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Boys, a caption option.jpg
Pencil cartoon drawing on accounts page.


Lord boys with coyotes,94.3439.jpg
Raymond and Gilbert Lord with dead coyotes.

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Father's Day Card front,Mss185,172.9.jpg
Father's Day card, front and middle.

Asbridge boys on horse, 1900, 90.145.jpg
Asbridge boys on horse.

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84-274,boy with rifle posed with stuffed bear.jpg
Young man or boy with rifle, posed with stuffed bear.

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umt010631, baby in barrel.jpg
Baby in a barrel, McKay Family.

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RuthAsbridge, 90.141.jpg
Baby Ruth Asbridge sitting on steps at Lazy X Ranch near Roundup, MT.

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Robert Asbridge, 90.140.jpg
Little Robert Asbridge in a baby carriage at the Lazy X Ranch.

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Seated smiling baby waving feet.

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Toddler and baby sitting in chair with knitted hats and identical outfits.
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