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Two children and a cow by railroad tracks, the smaller child is wearing a straw hat.

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Two children, Agnes and Theo, sit on a heifer in front of the door to what is probably a barn. A man stands in front of the cow. Glacier National Park, Montana.

Helen and Joe Swan (children) at 1533 Jackson, Missoula.

Children in box, Mss 656.jpg
Two children sitting in a Shredded Wheats box on a lake shore.

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91-6284, children to catch frogs.jpg
Three children hired to catch frogs at Yellow Bay on Flathead Lake in Montana, the two boys barefoot and wearing bib overalls.

90.143, dorothy & edna, Lazy X, c1912.jpg
Dorothy and Cousin Edna Asbridge on top of pile of stacked wood at Lazy X near Roundup, Montana.

90.139,Vern,Hazel,Joseph at LazyX,c1900.jpg
Vern, Hazel and Joseph Asbridge at the Willows at Lazy X Ranch near Roundup, Montana.

Studio photograph of two unidentified small children dressed up for Easter.

Studio photograph of two boys, smaller boy with ruffled cuffs and collar.

Group photo of children and nun on the steps of Sacred Heart Academy, Missoula, Montana.

Yakima Indians, Columbia National Forest. Woman stands with two children. Several baskets are in the picture. One child holds a cat.

Three children sit near the porch of a building. One child sits on a wooden box, another child sits in a rocking chair and holds an infant. A horse and wagon are in the background.

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