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  • Collection: The University of Montana. Department of Home Economics Records, RG 29

women checking hem.jpg
Image of women in McGill Hall.

image of woman ironing.jpg
Image of a woman ironing in McGill Hall.

anne c platt.jpg
Anne C. Platt joined the department in 1923 as an assistant professor and served as department chair form 1958 - 1961.

helen gleason.jpg
Helen Gleason served as department chair form 1922-1955.

dr making mash potatoes.jpg
Dr. Lendal Kotschevar served as department chair form 1955-1958.

oil in can.jpg
Image of woman pouring leftover oil into a can.

plank steak for meal management - Copy.jpg
Image of plank steak dinner prepared by Home Economics Class.

woman weaving pattern.jpg
Image of a student filling in a weaving pattern.

beads - Copy.jpg
Image of women with jewelry projects in center of circle.

woman sewing.jpg
Photograph of a student sewing in McGill Hall.

swiss steak.jpg
Three photographs of meals made in a Home Economics cooking class.

home ec clothing room ns.jpg
Photograph of the clothing and/or textile room on the third floor of the Natural Science Building.

home ec food lab ns.jpg
Photograph of the food laboratory on the third floor of the Natural Science Building.

home ec dept 1927.jpg
Photograph of department, all names are listed left to right.

Top Row; Clara Wrigley, unidentified, Edetta Swayer, Winifred Brennan, Violet Watters, Blance Peters, Hazel Leib

Middle Row; Mary E. Mechling, Helen…

sucess brochure inside.jpg
Pamphlet promoting the department.
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