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  • Collection: Northern Pacific Railway Company Records, Mss 128

NPRR force report 1887 stampede compress.jpg
Force reports listed the number of laborers assigned to specific tasks and any notes by the foremen. These notes often include inclement weather conditions or progress on a specific project, such as a tunnel or bridge. As this report indicates,…

oriental trading letter rotated.jpg
One means by which the Northern Pacific Railway imported its labor was through trading companies that recruited workers from Asia. Many firms involved in the importation of labor were owned or run by employees of Asian descent. In this case, the…

NPRR payroll page 15.jpg
This payroll from 1906 lists the names of several workers for the Northern Pacific Railway. According to an article by Yuki Ichioka appearing in a 1980 of Labor History, Japanese labor began to replace Chinese labor in the 1880s and 1890s.

Polish NPRR flyer.jpg
This flyer is for a lecture intended to encourage homesteading along the Northern Pacific Railway.

polish NPRR brochure cover rotated.jpg
This brochure by the Northern Pacific Railway's Immigration Department attempts to encourage Polish immigrants to migrate to Trout Creek in Western Montana. The brochure highlights the agricultural, educational, and commercial appeals of Trout…
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