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  • Collection: James E. Murray Papers, Mss 091

Murray letter to Beutler on refugees compressed.jpg
In this letter, Senator James Murray expresses his support for what is currently known as the Refugee Relief Act of 1953. This act allowed the immigration of 214,000 immigrants and was intended to provide for the legal passage of Southern Europeans…

Letter to McFarland on immigration p1 compressed.jpg
In this letter to Senate Majority Leader Ernest McFarland (Arizona), supporters of the Lehman-Humphrey (S. 2842) bill ask McFarland to pressure Senator Pat McCarran (Nevada) to call for hearings regarding the immigration bills before the Senate. …

Murray memo re Truman veto compressed.jpg
This letter from a number of Democratic senators, including James Murray, expresses support of President Truman's veto of the McCarran-Walter bill on immigration in 1952. The first two signers, Herbert Lehman and Hubert Humphrey, would introduce an…

Murray letter to Amer Legion 1956 compressed.jpg
In this letter, Senator James Murray expresses concerns regarding the McCarran-Walter Act (also known as the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952). Before the bill became law, Murray opposed it in favor of a more liberal immigration bill…

This letter from Senator Hubert Lehman of New York to Senator James Murray of Montana is in thanks for cosponsoring an immigration reform bill introduced by Lehman and Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota.

Portrait of James E. Murray.
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