Inextricable Fusion: The Poetry of Patricia Goedicke


Patricia Goedicke published 13 books of poetry from 1968-2009 and taught Creative Writing at the University of Montana from 1981-2003.  Goedicke's works often weave together a broad range of images and themes.  For example, in her review of As Earth Begins to End, Robin Becker writes, "[Goedicke's] genius, in this book, becomes her language for linking individual sorrow to the sorrows of the environment, of globalization, of science and politics."

This exhibit draws from Patricia Goedicke's literary manuscripts at The University of Montana, Missoula.  It is intended to illustrate Goedicke's approach to poetry as teacher, writer, and critic.





The online exhibit was created by Steven Bingo. Special thanks to Deirdre McNamer, Connie Poten, Lois Welch, Sandra Alcosser, Melissa Kwasny, Casey Charles, and Rob Schlegel whose insight into Patricia Goedicke's life provided invaluable context for my work on the exhibit and the collection. Thanks also to Prageeta Sharma and The University of Montana Creative Writing program for their support of the Patricia Goedicke and Leonard Wallace Robinson Papers. Thanks finally to those who gave their permission to incorporate their works into this exhibit: Pia Boyer and Helen Vendler.