Second Wind reading notes, 2001

This last set of notes are for a reading delivered on October 7, 2001, weeks after the September 11th attacks.  These notes reflect the interaction between the political and personal in Goedicke's work.  In many ways, these notes merely remind one of the sympathy and general concern for humanity present in Goedicke's work.

Each poem title is accompanied by an abbreviated title of the book in which the poem appears: Wind for The Wind of Our Going, Trail for The Trail that Turns on Itself, PB for Paul Bunyan's Bearskin, AEBTE for As Earth Begins to End.

As the cover page indicates, the poems listed were read for Second Wind, a reading series held by The University of Montana Creative Writing Program that features one second year Master's student and one established writer.

While the vast majority of poems listed are Goedicke's, three are written by other poets.

"Sexual Instruction," by Leonard Robinson

"September 1, 1939," by W.H. Auden

"Penis," by J.D. McClatchy