Responses and Publicity

In a review of As Earth Begins to End in The Beloit Poetry Journal, Marion Stocking concludes:

"Patricia Goedicke's book is a manual of how passion and intelligence, coupled with meticulous candor, a self-observing sense of humor, and powerful language can make a glory and a delight from our mutable physical and metaphysical condition."

While not all reviews were uniformily glowing, As Earth Begins to End was largely a critical success. 

Goedicke interview with Donna Davis

In this segment of an interview appearing on Writers, Readers, Ruminations, Goedicke discusses the title of As Earth Begins to End.


Goedicke introducing and reading "This Music Has Holes in It"

Letter from Helen Vendler to Patricia Goedicke

Based on other correspondence in the collection, the friendship between Helen Vendler and Leonard Robinson dates back to at least the mid-eighties. This letter from the prominent literary critic praises Goedicke's rendering of Robinson and the experience of losing a loved one gradually to a terminal condition. Vendler writes:

I have read it (and in it) ever since it came, feeling your power to convey Leonard's gregariousness and his piercing insight as well as his collapse, and your own objectivity of description as well as your own inner devastation.