January 21, 1979

In this draft, much of the poem's introduction and conclusion have been revised as they appear in the final draft.  The image of the phrase "a new road that will take you anywhere" has been removed from the final stanza, paring it down to four lines.  Also "canes" are replaced with "small steps" in the first stanza and "scared field mice" replace "scared rabbits" in the third stanza.

Perhaps the most difficult stanza for Goedicke is the seventh.  Here, "hamburgers" is replaced with "pablum."  In prior drafts "garbage" was used, while "roast beef" has replaced "Chateaubriand."  Ultimately, this phrase is removed entirely.

In the upper right hand corner of the page, are the names Conrad (Hilberry), Pierre (Delattre), Nancy (Ortenstone?), Carole (Stone?), and Leonard (Robinson).