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Archives & Special Collections - Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library


   1901 Quanoozeh established
   1902 House of Jericho established
   1904 Inter Nos established
January 15 Eta Phi Mu established
December 27 Sigma Nu granted charter
   1905 February 3 Sigma Nu chapter installed
February 24 Delta Sigma established
   1906 Quanoozeh closed
September 10 Sigma Chi granted charter
October Theta Phi established
   1907 March First Panhellenic Senate organized on campus for "inter-fraternity" relations
   1908 September Sigma Tau Gamma established
   1909 April 20 Kappa Kappa Gamma granted charter
July 16 Kappa Alpha Theta granted charter
   1910 Pan-Hellenic council established as the governing body for fraternities and sororities
   1911 September 7 Delta Gamma granted charter
   1913 Authentic Society organized
   1915 November Delta Phi Zeta established
   1916 January 22 Alpha Delta Alpha established
January 26 Delta Rho established
February 21 Alpha Gamma Phi established
   1918 February 2 Sigma Phi Epsilon installed
May 30 Alpha Phi granted charter
   1919 May 26 Delta Sigma Chi established
   1920 Fall Eighty-seven men are pledged to six fraternities during recruitment
December 29 Phi Delta Theta granted charter
   1921 Omega Xi established
March 4 Phi Delta Theta chapter installed
October 15 Karnack Club established
November 14 Chelys Club established
   1922 Phi Beta established
Beta Zeta established
January 15 Sigma Alpha announced
   1923 March 3 Alpha Tau Omega installed
April 26 Phi Sigma Kappa granted charter
May 11 Alpha Chi Omega granted charter
   1924 February 3 Templars established
April 17 Kappa Delta granted charter
June 1 Sigma Kappa granted charter
June 13 Alpha Xi Delta granted charter
Fall Seventy-five women and one hundred and eight men pledged during recruiment
   1926 November 10 Delta Delta Delta granted charter
   1927 Delta Sigma Lambda granted charter
February 12 Sigma Alpha Epsilon granted charter
May 12 Kappa Sigma granted charter
   1928 May 27 Zeta Chi established
   1933 Kappa Sigma closed
March 25 Alpha Delta Pi granted charter
   1937 January 29 Inter-Fraternity dance held in new student union building, currently Fine Arts Building
March 27 Delta Sigma Lambda National Fraternity merges with Theta Chi National Fraternity
   1938 Alpha Xi Delta closed
   1939 Alpha Tau Omega closes temporarily for war
   1942 Kappa Delta closed
   1943 Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, Phi Sigma Kappa, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Theta Chi close temporarily for the war
Alpha Delta Pi closed
   1944 Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Theta Chi reopen
   1945 Phi Sigma Kappa, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Tau Omega reopen
   1947 Lambda Chi Alpha established Colony 328
   1950 Kappa Sigma Delta established colony
   1951 Lambda Chi Alpha colony disbanded
Kappa Sigma Delta colony disbanded
Delta Sigma Phi chapter established
   1952 Alpha Chi Omega closed
   1956 Delta Sigma Phi chapter re-established
Omega Epsilon granted charter
   1957 Omega Epsilon closed
   1965 Alpha Omicron Pi established
   1966 Alpha Kappa Lambda established
Tau Kappa Epsilon colony established
   1967 Tau Kappa Epsilon colony disbanded
   1970 Alpha Kappa Lambda closed
   1971 Delta Delta Delta closed
   1972 Phi Sigma Kappa closed
   1973 Delta Sigma Phi  closed
   1982 Sigma Kappa closed
   1984 Phi Gamma Delta established
   1987 Alpha Omicron Pi closed
   1995 Theta Chi closed
   1996 October Fraternity Houses go "dry" banning alcohol in common areas
   2002 Alpha Tau Omega closed
   2004 Phi Delta Theta closed
Sigma Nu celebrates 100 years on campus
   2006 Phi Gamma Delta closed
Sigma Chi celebrates 100 years on campus
   2007 Kappa Sigma is re-chartered
   2009 Kappa Kappa Gamma and Kappa Alpha Theta celebrate 100 years on campus
   2011 Phi Delta Theta is re-chartered
Delta Gamma celebrates 100 years on campus