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The first football team is organized at the University of  Montana-Missoula. They are known as the "bears". The Greenough Family provides a live bear, named Teddy, as a mascot for the team.


Teddy spends the winter of 1904 in a cage at the Greenough home in Missoula.

In 1909, the University of Montana was known as the Bruins.


In 1912, the University of Montana football team played Utah and a local sports announcer referred to the team as the Grizzlies.


In October 1920, a new mascot named Lucky arrived in Missoula.

In 1923, the University of Montana was admitted to the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference and was officially recognized as the Grizzlies.


In the fall of 1937, a new mascot arrived on  campus named Fessy.

In May 1938, Fessy was reported missing and despite several attempts over the summer to catch her, she was never found. In the fall she was replaced by a new bear named Fessy II.

In 1939, a new bear named Fatty arrived from Butte, Montana and replaced Fessy II.


In October 1940, Fessy III, a seven-month-old black bear was loaned to the university as mascot for the football season.

In October 1946, Fessy IV arrived on loan from the See’Em Alive Zoo in Red Lodge. Fessy IV stayed only one season due to behavioral issues.


In the fall of 1956, a new female, brown bear named Jerry arrived.


In the fall of 1960, Montana Fish and Game loaned the university a male, black bear cub for the season named Cocoa.


In the 1970s, the university transitioned from live animal mascots to costumed mascots. The grizzly logo also went though several changes during this time.


In the 1980s, Otto, the first costumed mascot, was introduced.


In 1993, Monte, short for Montana, was introduced.


In 2002 and 2004, Monte won the Capitol One Mascot of the year competition.